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Best-Selling Author, International Speaker & CSP Natasa Denman Presents her Internationally acclaimed
"Blueprint for Ultimate Book Writing Success Workshop" 
Learn how to leverage your profile, credibility and business with your new 'Business Card on Steroids'
This workshop is for non-fiction books only
The Blueprint we Teach Isn't Suitable for Children's Books, Cookbooks, Romance, Poetry style or Fiction Writing
40 People Only
1/2-Day Intensive Training.
Seats are strictly limited
Only $59 (ONLINE now $29)
 FREE eBOOK copy of 
"Ultimate 48 Hour Author"
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In 2020, you need a competitive edge in business...
You need your OWN book!
Why Writing a Book is Good for Business...
Increased ability to gain speaking gigs
An instant appeal to the media
Immediate increase in credibility
More appeal to potential clients 
Ability to reach a global market
Is this how you are currently feeling?
• Sick of Sharing Your Gifts & Brilliant Insight Without a Big Enough Audience and Client Numbers?

• Struggling To Get Exposure and be an Authority Leader In Your Profession or Niche?

• Confused On How To Package and Position Yourself as an Expert and Raise Your Fees?

• Lacking The Visibility Needed to Stand Out, Attract Your Ideal Clients With Ease and Elevate Your Influence?
Learn how to leverage your book to grow your business and position yourself as an industry expert just like Rachel Sheldrick did...
The Ultimate 48 Hour Author Blueprint is a step-by-step process to writing your own book in 48 hours, so you can get results in days, not months or years. In this interactive and informative workshop you will learn: 
  •  How to complete your book in just 48 Hours even if you haven't put pen to paper without wasting time trying to write the old fashioned way and losing focus on your business
  •   How to rapidly raise your profile and become a person of influence without needing to spend years working on your credibility. Learn how to leverage your book to riches in the shortest time possible
  •   How to write an awesome book without the need to have done writing courses or have a literary degree. With our revolutionary, let others do the hard lifting while you focus on your content  

Hear what some of our recent workshop attendees had to say...

Francesca Moi took her business to places she could never imagine...
Writing a Book Changed My Life...
I made $7,000 in my first year as a coach.

I was broke, in debt and although I knew I could change my client's lives, I simply didn't have enough clients to sustain me or my family and I needed to make a big decision. My coach at the time suggested I write a book to showcase my knowledge and elevate myself within my niche.  

Within weeks of my book being published, I had a fully booked coaching practice and a waiting list wanting to work with me.

I got offered speaking gigs, JV opportunities and appeared in all mainstream media across the country as my business grew exponentially.

I was able to achieve my first 7-figure year after 6 years in business and now have a thriving business that is operated in 5 countries and has helped 100's of people achieve their own successful businesses by writing and publishing their first book. 

Natasa Denman
Benefits Of Becoming An Author
  • Attract more clients and income. You can work less & make more
  • ​Attain greater visibility for you and for your business, products & projects 
  • ​Expand your influence & reach more people by positioning yourself as a thought-leader and expert 
  • ​Gain fulfillment by being in alignment with your real purpose 
  • ​Share your story, wisdom, strategies, and expertise 
  • ​Change more lives! 
  • ​Be the 'go to' person for the media on your expertise
Accelerate Your Influence With Ultimate 48 Hour Author Blueprint
If rapid growth in your profile, earnings or philanthropic endeavours is what you are seeking then writing your book is your best option for RIGHT NOW!
Ultimate 48 Hour Author will empower you to share your message with the world in the fastest time possible!
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